Hot Melt Packaging

Plasticizers can be replaced successfully by incorporating Piccotac™ 1020-E or Piccotac™ 1020 hydrocarbon resin into the hot melt adhesive. Piccotac™ 1020-E hydrocarbon resin offers many advantages over plasticizers or process oils:

  • Food Contact Regulatory Clearances
    Piccotac™ 1020-E hydrocarbon resin is lawful for use in hot melt adhesive formulations for packaging applications covered by 21 CFR 175.105 (adhesives) and 21 CFR 176.180 (components of paper and paperboard in contact with dry foods), subject to the provisions in these regulations.

  • Less Migration
    The high viscosity and molecular weight of Piccotac™ 1020-E hydrocarbon resin reduces a possible tendency to migrate into, or even sweat through, the carton surface.

  • Improved Flexibility
    Piccotac™ 1020-E hydrocarbon resin improves the overall compatibility of the system and contributes to low temperature flexibility. Its relatively low Tg value of approximately -31°C prevents a shift of the adhesive Tg to a higher temperature. This improves compatibility without having a negative impact on the low temperature flexibility of the system.

  • Excellent Cohesion
    Including a plasticizer, oil, or liquid resin in the adhesive will inevitably lead to a reduction in cohesive strength of the final system. This is caused primarily by the rather low molecular weight of most liquid additives. The molecular weight of Piccotac™ 1020-E hydrocarbon resin, however, is significantly higher compared with most plasticizers or oils. Hence cohesive strength is preserved on a higher level over a broad temperature range.

  • Low Volatile Content
    Due to its high molecular weight, Piccotac™ 1020-E hydrocarbon resin is quite low in volatile content, which makes it perfectly suitable for hot melt adhesive applications.

  • High Flashpoint
    The high flashpoint of Piccotac™ 1020-E hydrocarbon resin fits well within the current requirements for the production of hot melt adhesives.

  • Light Color
    Due to its relatively light color (Gardner 3-4), Piccotac™ 1020-E hydrocarbon resin does not impair the color of the finished adhesive. However, if color and heat stability are of utmost importance it is advisable to replace it with Regalite™ R1010 liquid hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin. This fully hydrogenated resin is approved for direct food contact under both the above mentioned FDA sections. Regalite™ R1010 resin offers a comparable volatile content, flashpoint, Tg, softening point, and adhesive performance, but exhibits a superior color and heat stability in comparison with Piccotac™ 1020-E hydrocarbon resin.

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