Liquid Product Form

Liquid tackifier resins are used as low molecular weight additions to plasticize and reduce formulation viscosity, promote tack, and enhance low-temperature adhesion. They differ from plasticizing oils in their ability to soften and tackify. Oils only soften and do not contribute to tackification.

The preferred packaging for liquid resins is open head, 200 liter steel drums. For larger volumes, heated semi-bulk and bulk tank trucks are commonly used.

Examples of Liquid Tackifer Resin Supply:

Piccolastic™ A-5 hydrocarbon resin is an aromatic pure monomer liquid supplied in soft solid shipped in heavy gauge metal drums (400 lbs, 182 kg, net wt).

Regalrez™ 1018 hydrocarbon resin is a hydrogenated liquid tackfier supplied in 55 gallon metal drums (390 lbs, 177 kg, net wt) or bulk in tank car or truck.

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